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    What is NFC Digital Business Card?

    Cool NFC Digital Business Card; It is a new generation business card where you can change your information such as your phone number, address, e-mail accounts, website, social media accounts whenever you want.
    It allows you to register in the phone book of people you meet in seconds.

    How does Cool Digital Business Card work?

    Cool smart digital business card works with NFC or QR technology without the need for any mobile application. By bringing your smart business card closer to the phone, you can instantly share your contact information with the people you meet.

    Do I need to download an application to my phone to use Cool Card?

    No. You do not need any application to use Cool Card. Having an NFC compatible phone is enough for Cool Card.

    Can I add my name and logo on the business card?

    Yes, you can add any name and logo you want. If you think that there is any mistake in uploading the logo, you can contact us at ‘[email protected]’.

    Is your QR Code option paid?

    No. If you request a QR Code, you do not pay an extra fee.

    What information can I add to the NFC Business Card?

    Name surname
    Company, Title
    Basic contact information (email, phone, website)
    Profile photo
    Social media accounts
    Invoice / Iban information

    Can I update my profile information whenever I want?

    Yes. You can change your information at any time by logging into the ‘Cool Card Panel’.

    I cannot activate my account, what should I do?

    First of all, check your spam and junk box to make sure that the activation mail has arrived. If you have not received the activation mail, you can contact us by calling ‘[email protected]‘ or +90552 283 26 65.

    Do I need to make any monthly/yearly payments after purchase?

    No. You only pay once at the purchase stage and use the Cool Card free of charge for life.

    I created my order. In how many days will my order be delivered to cargo?

    Your order will be delivered to cargo in 3 work days.